Thursday, September 10, 2009

helo2 ppl!!hahaha!wooohoo!it was reali
awesome,,i mean thx era u did a great job!
yeah,tats my sis!anywy,juz wanna say tat tiz
blog is like a anchor that hold our heartz 2gther
so remember treasure each n every1 of us coz we onli
hv us..get it??yes gd.
Juz dont care bout others and live our life 2 the fullest
esp me with taufik and our sons, era n hady with their
son n upcomin little baby gerl..hehehe.N,, renny...
u with 'matdol'heheh..but not yet officially ehh..
so hurry up n tie the knot hehe cnt wait man!
ohya bout goin 2 ur house era,yes insyaallah..
tonite i will tel fik bout it k.esp my sons aliff and
sufyan tk sabar2 nk maen ngn ur lil baby boy.
We also noe tat u era is a gd mom n esp hady is fortunate
2 hv u.i n fik will pray 4 ur happiness ya n also a smooth
delivery 4 u n me!jgn lupe krm slm kat hady n tel him he looks
great at smlm spore idol,wow!lol.
As for ren,if u dont want matdol then u cn hv either hv sezairi
or faisal k.haha,mcm ikan pulak jntn2 nie blh pilih2 eh.
dnt pick farhan la coz i hear rumors bout him ngn tabitha.
4 me personally,i like faisal i mean love him!!!haha he sooo cute
itz juz tat hes fair so if hes dark hes definitely the next taufik 4 more info juz ask ur bloved sis era coz hady noes them well
rite era,heheh!
okie dokie,tats all babes!so guys any excitin stories happenin in ur
life juz post it ok!tc.bye.

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