Tuesday, September 15, 2009

thanz bez fwenz!

todae i was alone at skool...liana did not come..hmm..okae,,movin on..nari tak jd ada maths remedial..teacher decided to haf it tmrw as tmrw ada BRP..between d time waitin 4 d activity start,,we haf maths..haha.."fun"!!woohoo!!(fake excitement..lolzz..hmm..aniwaez..thanz jhdh n ren sisters 4 accompanying me go shopping..haha,,"shopping"lol..soo over d top..i mean buy new contact lense luhh..i bought violet(purple)..then we went surveying at watsons..haish..fun3!!!we looked for tiz make up powder called bronzer n both jhdh n ren tak tau wat tat thing was..hahaha..then our cute ren staeted 2 be some make up expert..hahaha kene2..overall..it was fun walaupun it olie took us half an hour aje..but i enjoyed it..love u galz sooo much..muackz huge kisses..n jhdh,,bsk jgn luper g check up for ur precious cutie son taw..update me yar..bout ur handsome hafiz..haha..Fera=)

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