Saturday, September 26, 2009

i will support u gals(ERA,LIANA & RENNY)

hiii...a few minutes ago i was feeling bored so i text era askin if
shes on9.AT first she doesnt but then she on9,tats great coz i was
seriously bored 2 hell..nothin 2 do..juz thought of goin on9..
soon,liana went on9 too so it was double happiness.LOL!
N we end up chattin haha..but...the sad thing is era was feelin sad
coz her dad went into hosp todae..i was shocked 2 noe tat but we as
human cn onli hope 4 the best n hopefuly everythn went well yarr era!

Anywy, she told me hady was nt with her n she is left alone with her son?!
wat?!!i was reali mad3 at him but his beloved wife keep on 'belaing' him..
actuali if i were era,ya definitely i will do tat lol!sape tk syg suami sehh
Anywy,4 u gals info taufik had performed at LONDON & KOREA!! he was recently
been chosen 2 sing 4 the national anthem at the F1 opening..hehe.
actuali our third son bring us rezeki alot la so alhmdulilah..syukur3.

Ohya, liana klau ade mase bwk la akak naek FERRARI ke ape la name kete kau
ngn si miller 2..terase pulak nk naek mklum la my hubby is local nt like urs
'orang putih' pure punyer..haha..hari 2 yg menhilangkn diri 2 gi mane?overseas
utk honaymoon eh??cepat2 tau dpt ank so my ank adela kwn kn..(ah,why do i sound
like mkck2)ee!

So gals, juz in advance wanna wish u guys all the best 4 our last few papers
4 nlevel yarr!!cnt wait 4 it 2end..seriously tired like hell...i miss u guyz n bye,,

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