Friday, September 18, 2009


helo my frenz era n ren!!how r u guyz??haha.anywy,startin with
my checkup on wed it was kinda ok la coz the doctor told me both
baby n mother was baby heartbeat was normal so everythin
was under control..i was actuali prayin hard tat nothin will gone
wrong coz my lil beloved sister.renny,had 'treated' me in a 'good'
way.juz tellin u ren,thx ehh..lucky i didnt suffer frm mild attack or
i will become like era.haha!

ohya,wat bout u era i mean ur checkup?is everythn ok??i was reali
shocked when u sort of like goin 2 deliver the child but actuali it
was wind rite.Gosh!u scare the hell out of me,,i was prayin 4 u too
so tat we will both be deliverin on the same mnth.heheh!n guess wat,
i told my baby fik bout all the things tat had happenend bout wat ren
had said n he was REALLY REALLY MAD!!he told me that ren had badmouthed
bout him n she is nt showin any respect!taufik was reali3 dissappointed
at u renny..n worse case i got scoldin too but nt alot la he juz told me
tat i alwayz pamper u tat u become soo vicious n daring..haizz..see renny
wat u get myself into.Sistaz,dont 4get 2 come 2 my house on the first dae
of hari raya n esp u renny make up ur mind whether u want matdol aka
balakrishnan or faizal isa,it was reali fun n im enjoyin myself!

Lastly, on advance juz wanna wish u gerls SELAMAT HARI RAYA!Maaf Zahir dan
BATIN! aku harap korang maafkan lah kesilapan aku terhadap korang ialah
kdng2 kita buat silap mane prsan so dari hjng rmbt smpi hjng kaki aku
memohon maaf yee!U gerls r the best!!love ya,muakzzz!!bye tc!

**Duit raye bwk lebih2 ehh*

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