Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bizarre Moment 2gether!

hey3 sistas!!so how r u?fine?anywy,juz wanna say ystdae outin was damn great,fun,exciting,intriguing n crazyy eventho ren our precious lil sis had 2 went home early bt nevertheless,the time we spent 2gether was worth it!rite guys!i thought we r suppose 2 go as 4 but in the midway somethin horrible happen n so we r out as 3..its ok..no worries..we enjoyed ourselves!tats the impt thing.like i mean u go out 2gether with frenz is nt a force but it is somethin u did with ur family rite.like if u went out with ur family,its a happy occasion 2gether as a family so this applies same 2 frenship..frenship is like a family.if u feel like evrytime we ask u out is a force feeling 2 u then i dont thing u hv the 'family' feelings.sometimes we spent too much time with strangers tat it didnt crossed our mind to actuali set aside time 4 frenz.

i dont reali understnd tat but hopefuly u guys if let say u guys hv special someone juz dont 4get me coz u noe the feelings i mean no 1 wants 2 feel it..if u tink i am tryin 2 control u guys then tell me n i cn discuss we u guys..i dont want us 2 argue or quarel coz at the end of the dae no one gains anythin frm it.at times u want 2 b alone but if u guys hv any prob juz tel n we cn work it out 2gether..in frenshp we must hv true faith n sincerity.if any of it is missing,bad luck is bound 2 happen.trust me.u dont take ur frenz as granted,no.juz bear in mind tat u fren with tat person is bcoz u love n care 4 her juz like ur siblings not 4 other motives.

anwy,im nt drunk or spoutin nonsense but tiz is frm my heart n my mind,,i juz wanna let u guys noe.its tired rite 2 take care of ppl feelings coz im reali tired n exhausted n guess wat im goin 2 relax n hv fun nw.tats wat taufik said 2 me,i had enough of everythn n its time 2 juz let go of somethin tat is worth of lettin go..
one more thing,if let say im nt in tiz world or im lost somewhere juz wanna tell u guys 2 keep our frenshp fire burnin n dont ever give up!no matter wat ppl say or do juz move on n say alot of prayers..im nt always there 4 u guys but i believe u guys r gonna meet some1 tat is worth spendin the rest of ur life..haha,gettin emo here..well,hv fun n u dont hv 2 remember me if u dont want 2.tc n lovey dovey sistaz!

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