Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally can breathe in fresh air!

HELOOO,besties!!!hahaha,juz 2 words 2 say~IT'S OVER!!!wow,the feeling is damn great
like oh man i cnt express it..i mean u guyz cn feel it too rite.yeah,,anywy,gdluck
2 renny 4 ur POA on mon,hopefuly u r able 2 pull thru yar..heheh.u noe wat,i was
reali excited n lookin 4wrd 2 sty at home n juz eat,sleep n watch tv n of course
do housewrk too..arghh,,but nvm.

Back 2 fantasy world,actuali now both my sons r havin their examz so haha its reali
not a gd combinatn coz m examz r over but they hv 2 study but of course my beloved
taufik is alwayz there 4 me n our sons,,4 the past couple of mnths he had been helpn
alot with the housewrk, the kids skoolwrk eventho he came back tired but i alwayz
cheer him up at nite..u noe wat i!hes the best husband ever so no matter
wat ppl say or tries to break us apart,k here a piece of advice 2 u..dnt mess with nj coz shes gonna get violence sooner or later.hahaha ur sister is a hooligan guyz..wait!im nt angry but a piece of advice yar..well3,im pregnant u see so im
getting abit uptight so juz entertain with it ok.4 renny, well congrats 2 faizal
coz he is gettin a step closer 2 being SI but most imptly thx 2 nidji with their
hit song hapus aku..hahaha he reali noe how 2 pick a gd song yar,i hope u enjoyed
listenin 2 it,i mean in a good way.if u r not guilty of ur wrongful act well u r
gonna enjoyed it more.juz behave urself n everythin is gonna b fine.well, liana
hows ur lil baby??doin fine??anywy,if u or miller hv free time do drop by at our
house coz we reali miss u guyz..

so guyz bout our outing juz msg me coz im reali3 excited 4 it hahaha,,MJ u noe!
anywy, next wed SI the theme is MICHAEL JACKSON!!u guyz have 2 watch it..erm3,,
wonder wat faizal gonna sing huh...ok that it folks,i'll b back soon n guyz hv
2 update this blog yarr..well,miss my lil babies n dearest!hope 2 see u guyz soon
tc n muackz!

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