Sunday, October 11, 2009

life after tiz.....

woaaaa....itz overrr!!!
gone,,gone n awayyyyy......wooohooo!!!
hmmmm....we r like sooo gonna go out..
jhdh,,u wnt dowan,,haf 2 go out wif us...
u promise us aready...hehe..

anyway,,cun waet till my sweet pumpkin gal,,Ferza Audrey 2 come out of me...hahaha..
da 6 bulan taw...hahaha..hady dear is very happy he is now over the conflict i created..we r moving on..he cud never have love me more than how he is loving me now...we r more romantic n hot now..our marrige is blossoming n i love him sooo much..we haf adifie n waitin 4 his soon to be sister 2 complete our just perfect fam..i am wat i am now thanz 2 ma sis,,kak adah..haha..

ren,,i'm soo sorie 4 d bad news i gave eu todae..hady n me decide n we r on it together tat u r BANNED from our house aready..huhuhu..i am sad but hady is over it aready..he tak tahan wif ur attitude n does not want anything 2 happen 2 me n his comin sweet child juz bcoz of eu..(i told him tat eu haf been givin me panic attack.he very furious.)he wants eu 2 live ur life independently or better juz cpt2 kawin ngan Faizal..i pity Faizal 2 haf known eu..but tkpe..YAKINI AKU OH TUHAN,DIA BUKAN MILIKKU,BIAR WAKTU,WAKTU,HAPUS AKU...Faizal sanggup dihapuskan juz to NOT be with eu..i soooo feel sorie for

liana..ur story i not soo sure..but gd luck 4 eu n miller..alang-alang skola da tutup,,n we all da tk "KERJA" lagi..tiz tues nite aku nk invite u n ur beloved fam 2 haf dinner at my house..hady nk dedicate tat nite 4 our saved marriage..the sign of our pure n strong love..ouh,,God!!!i love him sooo much..dtg taw,,jgn tak dtg..haha..

may our frenship grow n live forever!!!love eu jhdh,,ren n liana..muackz..kisses!Fera

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