Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My first outing...haha!

helo guyz,haven heard alot bout u guyz esp liana n ren from tiz blog..where r u guyz??lost somewhere??..haizz..anwy,juz wanna share somethin with guyz haha..todae is my first outin woohoo!!have been cooped at home 4 the past few daes so my 2nd bro brought me out todae..i felt like a little gerl..(with a little gerl voice:brother bring me out todae!hurray!)yeah,well actuali its not like shoppin or movies but more of survey-ing my bro skool at clementi.LOL!but it was fun coz we juz cldnt get enough of spore transport(bus n mrt)that we spend the entire journey sittin in the bus when we first went there n when we are headin back we took between we actuali went 2 clementi mall n guess wat..the mall is soooooooooo small!i mean like its nt a mall at all!so we actuali bought bubble tea n went arnd 2 the other side of clementi n thought of buyin snacks but eventuali went 2 bakery shop n bought the all time fav chocolate cake 4 my cousin's birthdae n bought pandan cake too cos im cravin 4 it well3 pregnant mah!haha.

actuali taufik thought of wantin 2 tagged along bt i told him tat its our siblings dae out so we need 2 catch up with each other lives so eventuali he didnt go BUT(theres alwayz a but bcoz some ppl juz like 2 interfere n took advantage of my husband,well u noe who u r)BUT he had took a half dae off juz 2 b with our kids at my mother in law house.then i joined him at dinner coz i juz cnt get enough of my dear fik.hehehe.anywy,we r too smart that the entire journey we walked thru the rain.haha sounds fun rite but its torturin coz my bro juz gets well n i was in the middle of gettin running nose..well, wat a gd combinatn.shld done it again.

overall,it was fun n the not-so-fun-thing is on our way back my bro ask me bout my ex n no choice got 2 tell first was reluctant la but eventuali juz talk n suddenly the topic juz dispersed..haha.then he ask if i was enjoyin myself n i told yes!of course!(not till u ask bout my ex!)i mean truthfuly yes la.romantic rite walked thru the rain..haha.

thats it,lookin 4wrd 2 more outin esp with u guys n plz do update wats happenin in ur lives..dont b lazy..ohya,era my whole fam wishes hady speedy recovery n hpefuly he'll b back soon coz my sons was askin 'wheres uncle hady times 2'haha kids they r juz cute.take gd care of him n also ur dad.hopefuly he will get wel soon.n 4 renny congrats 2 faizal he made thru the next round.we r proud of him n worth it 2 vote 4 him.liana...hope 2 see u guys,love ya!

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